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2.0T Performance

Take your TSI from mild to wild with our Software and Hardware options for your TSI equipped VW or Audi.


HPA's 2.0T Performance Program

Developed on the track, adapted for the street. HPA's performance program for the 2.0T features a complete collection of cohesive products designed to enhance the overall package of your 2.0T equipped VW.

After nearly two decades of developing hardware and software for the VR6 engine, HPA had become well recognized as a tuning authority for this unique powertrain. In 2012, with the next generation R being outfit with the 2.0T, HPA transitioned its development resources to focus on this broad spectrum engine.


Making the transition from VR6 tuning into the mainstream 2.0T market, HPA saw great importance in proving its developments and software on the track as well as the street so in 2012, launched a pair of 2.0Tsi DSG equipped GLI Jettas onto the Pro racing circuit. Competing in the SCCA World Challenge series, HPA's 2.0Tsi performance packages dominated numerous courses with pole positions, track records and podium finishes.

This opened the doors for the formal integration of the 2.0T into HPA's performance program in 2013. Stay tuned as HPA's 2.0T program continues growing at a rapid rate.

Supporting both the FSI and TSI, HPA strives to deliver a balanced upgrade path that will retain your OEM drivability and durability standards while unleashing the desired potential held within.

2.0T Intake Manifold V2

Featuring better flow, higher boost capacity, 40% larger plenum volume, and integrated flapper delete; this product will take your 2.0L VW TSI and FSI to the next level. A direct bolt-on replacement for your OEM plastic intake manifold.HPA 2.0T Intake Manifold

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Stage 3 GTX Performance Pack

Take your FSI to the next level with HPA’s Cast Aluminum 2.0T Intake Manifold, fuel augmentation kit, and software bundle to safely squeeze 35-50 more HP and 40 more ft/lbs of torque out of your investment.HPA K04 Turbo Conversion

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K04 Turbo Conversion

Knowing the limitations on the IHI ( K03 ) turbo the TSI comes equipped with we sought out to upgrade the turbo while maintaining factory plumbing and lessen the install burden for shops and home mechanics alike.HPA K04 Turbo Conversion

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Performance Engine Tunes

Stage 1 and 2 +Competition variants for FSI, TSI, TFSI Developed on our Superflow AWD dyno and tested on the road for peak performance and ultimate drivability.TSI K04 vs Stock

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HPA Street Series Intercooler

This direct fit Intercooler will optimize intake temperatures for your tuned 2.0T engine, while its 50mm thick Bar and Plate cooler core will only minimally impact airflow over your radiator.HPA FMIC

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The fabricators at HPA set their sights on the TSI downpipe to optimize backpressure and allow the calibrators the headroom to maximize both power and torque.
HPA 2.0L Downpipe

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Quad Pack Exhaust

The magnum opus of our fabrication team, this work of art is an uncompromising blend of performance and sound. Hand manufactured in house from T-304 Stainless Steel...HPA Quad Pack Exhaust

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High Pressure Fuel Pump

HPA addresses the fueling limitations of the FSI with a hand assembled, bored and oversized, High Pressure Fuel Pump that delivers a 40% increase in fuel volume over stock.HPA High Pressure Fuel Pump

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