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Demo VAD Pro-901 Tools

Try before you buy...

Independent Service Centers and Mechanics

If you live with the US or Canada, you may request a demonstration tool through our North American distributor, WORLDPAC. Simply contact them through your local WORLDPAC office, or by calling their 1-800 number applicable to your area. Terms and conditions apply.

Authorized VW/Audi Dealerships

Dealerships across North America have been utilizing VAD Pro tools as a factory tool alternative for "customer pay" accounts for many years. Dealers wishing to try the VAD Pro-901 may do so by contacting VAD dealer representative Will Prince here.

If you have secured a VAD Pro-901 demo tool...

Please refer to our handy VAD Demo Tool Guide for step-by-step instructions on features and procedures that utilize VAD Pro's unique abilities.

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Any questions regarding demo tools should be directed to VAD here.

Instructional Demo Videos

Getting Started

Review the VAD Pro's kit contents.

Establishing a Base/Sync Station

Setup of the VAD Pro on the main workshop PC.

Registering the VAD Pro Tool

Register the warranty and gain access to software updates.

Using the VAD Pro Forums

Review downloads and communication with VAD staff and other VAD Pro owners.

Tool Navigation

Quick Tour of VAD Pro's display screens and data entry options

PC Sync Using the Palm Desktop, Part 1

Tutorial on performing VAD software updates on the main workshop PC

PC Sync Using the Palm Desktop, Part 2

Tutorial on backing up diagnostic data to the main workshop PC

Additional demos available to registered users on the VAD Pro Forums

Adding/Selecting a Vehicle

Using VAD Pro's extensive pre-scanned vehicle database

Using Measuring Data Blocks

Utilizing the VAD Pro's VW/Audi specific live data and logging capabilities

Using the Print Module

Review of the VAD Pro's wireless IrDA print function

Using the OBD-II Module

Outline of the VAD Pro's universal OBD-II features