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Diagnostic Information

As automotive technology is rapidly changing, it is important for today’s technicians to equip themselves with the right tools for success. The vehicles of today contain new modules not seen in equivalent models dated even a few years earlier. In addition, the amount of modules present has nearly doubled, with protocols and communication variables changing faster than ever before.

The VAD Pro software suite is a powerful resource that will enable the user to diagnose mechanical faults and perform a multitude of services, on even the newest and most advanced VW/Audi control modules. A good factory repair manual with detailed directions is an invaluable asset to the productive workshop, and ongoing practical training will keep technicians abreast of the latest technology and techniques.

Note: VAD Pro does not contain information on how to conduct the physical repairs and is not a replacement for a repair manual or professional training.

Fault Code Information

The VAD Pro tool contains detailed descriptions of both Government mandated and manufacturer specific fault codes referencing both the VW/Audi specific 5-digit numeric code, and the standard P-code; giving the technician comprehensive insight into vehicle faults.

Measuring Value Block Information

The VAD Pro tool also provides over 500 Measuring Value Block value definitions, as part of its VW/Audi software suite. These value names and locations match factory decriptions and those provided in factory repair manuals. The ECU data files which contain these descriptions are constantly being expanded for VAD Pro users, and can be downloaded freely, as part of ongoing VAD software updates.

Sample VW/Audi Engine Measuring Value Block Summary
Sample VW/Audi Engine Measuring Value Block Names
Sample VW/Audi Engine Measuring Value Block Value Labels

Diagnostic Procedural Information

A basic set of routine diagnostic procedures is available to Registered VAD Pro users to allow them to get familiar with the tool. Users are encouraged to use the resources in the VAD Pro Forums to assist each other with diagnostic questions, and are directed to use their factory repair manuals for additional procedures.

Repair Manuals

VAD recommends the use of Bentley Publishers' VW/Audi repair manuals as an accompaniment to our professional scanner. Bentley Publishers offers a variety of model specific repair manuals in printed or electronic format. For the most comprehensive workshop resource, VAD is pleased to offer the Bentley eBahn Pro which provides current and updatable data for all current and historical OBD VW and Audi models.

Buy Bentley Publishers eBahn Pro Now for $1500 USD including shipping to Canada or Contintental USA.
For faster service, or International shipping please contact VAD.


Ongoing training is key to ensure independent technicians are kept up-to-date on the latest diagnostic techniques and repairs of modern vehicles. The VAD Pro-901 is used by WORLDPAC’s WTI division in its Audi/Volkswagen training programs; giving users and interested parties the opportunity to see the portability and convenience of VAD first hand, and how well it stands up to the complexity of today’s workshop needs.