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VR6 Performance

HPA transforms your 3.2 VR6 into a World Class performance car.

EFR Edition Turbo Kit

Full Throttle - EFR 7670

Single Turbo Systems available for Mk4 R32 / Mk1 Audi TT:


350 hp   360 ft-lbs   7 psi



410 hp   420 ft-lbs   14 psi



470 hp   500 ft-lbs   19-22 psi


Get boosted! Our entry level Direct To Manifold (DTM) turbo kit delivers 360+ ft-lbs torque and 350+ hp under 7 pounds of boost and is the perfect way to whet your appetite for power. Upgrade your system by adding our Liquid Cooled Intake Manifold with Air-to-Water intercooler, and a variety of support parts, to jump up the 410 to 470 hp range.

  • EFR 76/70 Single Scroll Turbo
  • HPA proprietary cast exhaust manifold with external
    O2 sensor bungs
  • Stainless Steel downpipe with interlock flex joint
  • Stainless Steel manifold heatshield
  • 4mm Compression Reduction kit (7.5:1)
  • 500mL Fuel injectors
  • Fuel pressure regulator *
  • Custom wrapped Silicone Boost Plumbing
  • Stainless Steel Oil and Water lines
  • Vaccuum lines and Emmission Control Integration *
  • Software *
  • Boost Controller *
  • * exact specification varies by system

    Mk4 R32 FT Turbo System Specifications
    Mk4 DTM7670 installation guide: Mk4 DTM7670 installation guide
    DTM Compression reduction installation guide: DTM Compression reduction installation guide

    - UK Mk4 R32's require MAF from Audi TT DSG for DTM and FT410 kits
    - Mk1 Audi TT's may require new ECU