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Vehicle Specific Diagnostics

The VAD Pro includes an in depth data base of vehicles, organized by year, model, engine, and transmission, to reduce the communication time with each on board ECU. Scanning a new vehicle that is not in the list? No problem! Add vehicles on the fly to keep your unit up to date and relevant.


OEM Level Functionality

DTC Collection Services


  • Quickly and efficiently scan vehicle to detect all modules present
  • Save or Print results for customer file
  • great for pre-inspection reports

  • Locate every known VW/Audi ECM
  • Select pre-scanned vehicle from the data base for quicker results

  • Display critical data for all modules and any faults present
  • Reveal ECU part numbers and coding information
  • Acquire VW/Audi specific fault number
  • Read descriptions of each fault

Measuring Block Value Data


  • Access up to 255 Measuring Blocks for each individual module
  • View specific values in larger format by selecting the “Big Box” option

  • View data in Graphical format during logging sessions
  • Save data to be graphed using the Print Module

  • Adjust graph range to suit specific vehicles
  • Produce magnified results during graphing for easier analysis

  • Log multiple blocks and values simultaneously
  • View one block at a time while logging as many others as required
  • Automatically save logged information for later viewing or syncing to a host PC

View an example of a Volkswagen Measuring Block listing here.

**Popular Feature** Measuring Block Quick Scroll

VAD users can conveniently toggle between only those Measuring Blocks being logged, rather than the entire list in the connected ECU. In this instance, tapping the clear arrow next to the block number will advance to the next logged block, not the next consecutively numbered block.


Module Coding and Adaptations


  • Show all diagnostic functions available when connected to a specific module
  • Obtain ECU information, including software/hardware part numbers and coding digits
  • Easily access Basic Settings, such as a throttle body alignment, by measuring block number

  • Access Module recoding, for instances where parts are replaced or modified
  • Easily edit and save Coding values, including Long Coding values

  • Access Adaptation values, referenced by channel number
  • Change ECU parameters as needed by entering and saving new values
  • Perform Immobilizer I and II related tasks

OEM Level Procedures that REQUIRE VAD

The VAD Pro-901 provides its users with access to critical OEM diagnostic procedures that require a scan tool in order to be performed.

Some examples of these necessary procedures are:

  • Change/Reset Fixed/Variable Service Reminders
  • Release Rear Brake Calipers in vehicles with Elec. Parking Brake
  • Set Injection Timing on TDI engines
  • Read Out DSG/Auto Transmission Oil Temperature
  • Identify Serial Number/Module ID for Radio Code Retrieval
  • Adjust Xenon Headlamps to Ride Height Specifications
  • Perform DSG Basic Settings/Clutch Calibration
  • Calibrate Air Ride Suspension Level
  • Recoding Replacement or Repaired Control Modules
  • ABS Traction Control Basic Settings
  • Activate/Deactivate Daytime Running Lights
  • Throttle Body Alignment after Clearing Faults/Disconnecting Battery
  • Set Readiness Code/Emissions through Basic Settings
  • Prepare ABS Module for Brake Pump Bleeding
  • Adapt Climatronic System to Desired Settings
  • Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors to ESP System
  • Activate Diesel Particle Filter Emergency Regeneration
  • Adapt Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve
  • Conduct Throttle Kickdown on Auto Transmissions
  • Perform HVAC Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Activate Cruise Control on Select Modules
  • Adjust/Adapt Idling Speed
  • Conduct Instrument Cluster Fuel Gauge Adaptation
  • Remote Key Match/Adaptation on vehicles not requiring Dealer Access System
  • Recode Replacement or Repaired Instrument Clusters not requiring Dealer Access System
Keep your workshop up to date and maximize the range of vehicles you can work on with VAD Pro.

Universal OBD-II Emissions Functions

The VAD Pro-901 also includes a universal OBD-II software module that will allow you to define and clear DTC’s (all standardized P-codes), stream live or capture freeze frame data, save vehicle information, report Readiness, and more. Supporting many different diagnostic protocols (J-1850, including PWM and VPW, ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230, and ISO-15765), the VAD Pro-901 can connect to nearly any European, Asian, or Domestic vehicle that your workshop services.




Factory Formatted Diagnostic Reports

The VAD Pro-901’s built in Print Module enables your VW/Audi workshop to produce factory formatted service records, diagnostic logs, readiness reports, and data graphs in a layout very familiar to your technicians. Pair your VAD Pro-901 with an Infrared equipped printer for fast wireless reporting, without the need for a computer or cable. Information is also saved (via built-in internal memory) in standard TXT format that can be synced later to a compatible* host PC for further processing or printing.

*Syncing feature not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


Printing Requirements

The VAD Pro-901 Print module works in conjunction with your PCL5e or PCL6 compatible monochrome laser printer to allow you to create hardcopy of any saved data. The Print module uses a wireless infrared (IrDA) interface on the top of the VAD Pro-901 to transfer data to your printer.

Optional IrDA adapters are available for compatible printers not originally equipped with IrDA ports. The Print module locates data you have saved from other modules, such as Freeze Frame data from the OBD-II module or a complete system scan from the VAG module. You can then annotate this data (add a description, license plate number or VIN number), view it or print it for your records.

A sample of these customized reports can be viewed here.

Factory Tool Comparison

With VAD Pro, dealer service professionals can ensure that their productivity is maximized, and wait time for the use of their factory diagnostic tools is reduced. The VAD Pro-901 is a great compliment to the VAS factory tools, usable on billable labor work where strict warranty guidlines do not apply.

VAD provides dealerships an inexpensive solution that offers diagnostic functionality similar to the VAS5051/2 factory testers, using similar navigation and data definitions that technicians will recognize and become familiar with quickly.

Hardware Comparison

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Software Comparison

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