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2.0 FSI/TSI Intake Manifold Version 2

2.0T Intake Manifold

HPA Motorsports is proud to announce its updated “Version 2” FSI (EA113) and TSI (EA888) cast aluminum intake manifold.

Much like the original release, the HPA 2.0 manifolds feature better flow, higher boost capacity, and integrated flapper delete; this product will take your 2.0L VW/Audi TSI and FSI to the next level. A direct bolt-on replacement for your OEM plastic intake manifold, HPA's performance manifold features a 40% increase in volume over the OEM plenum, and its cast aluminum construction supports larger turbos and higher boost resulting in big potential performance gains.

HPA 2.0T Intake ManifoldHPA 2.0T Intake ManifoldHPA 2.0T Intake ManifoldHPA 2.0T Intake ManifoldHPA 2.0T Intake Manifold

HPA's Performance intake when combined with tuning and an optimized intake system can achieve significant gains after 3000 RPM!

Features Include:

2.0T Intake Manifold
    A 40% larger Plenum over the OEM manifold
  • 24% higher flow than the FSI OEM manifold
  • 12% higher flow than the TSI OEM manifold
  • Even distribution across all runners
  • Integrated water methanol port for single nozzle systems
  • Built-in vacuum port for accessories like boost gauges
  • Canadian manufactured cast aluminum construction
  • Durable matte black powder coat finish

FSI application installation guide: FSI Intake Manifold Installation Guide
TSI application installation guide: TSI Intake Manifold Installation Guide


2.0 FSI Performance Pack for Stage 3 GTX

2.0T Intake Manifold

With the addition of our high flow 2.0 FSI manifold and custom HPA tuning, HPA pushes Stage 3 GTX turbo equipped cars to the next level and beyond. Utilizing adaptive software technology which offers no fuel octane restrictions, this calibration transforms your existing Stage 3 into a true supercar crushing machine. Power delivery with this Performance Pack is smooth and immediate, producing an additional 35-50 HP and 40 ft/lbs TQ over existing tuned numbers. This Package truly gives you a rush of smooth and refined acceleration though out the power curve.

Working in-house on a state of the art Superflow all wheel drive rolling road simulator, the team at HPA runs each calibration set through a series of rigorous evaluations, ensuring maximum performance is realized, while all OEM safety limits and emissions parameters are left intact. Read more...

2.0T Intake Manifold

Features Include:

    Version 2 Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • 24% higher flow than the FSI OEM manifold
  • High Flow Injectors
  • 140bar Rail Valve
  • HPA Stage 3++ Software

Benefits Include:

    +40 ftlb TQ Gain
  • +34-50 HP Gain
  • Refined Power Curve





Flow Bench testing run @28"H20/oe 57mm TB, WOT

2.0T Intake Manifold2.0T Intake Manifold

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this manifold fit on my 2.0L Audi?

The manifold will fit on Longitudinal B8 A4 and the transverse A3/TT's. Will also fit on another 2.0L models, please call for fitment.


How much power will I make with your intake manifold?

Because of the unlimited upgrade combinations available, it is difficult to predict the power gains of each individual application. All Version 2 manifolds provide consistent HP/TQ gains throughout the RPM range, even more evident when installed on cars already equipped with K04 or larger turbo modifications. Tuning will be required to optimize the results.


I already have existing tuning on my car. Will it be compatible with your manifold?

For those enthusiasts already utilizing aftermarket tuning for their 2.0 FSI engines – your current software tuning can be retained. A CNC machined component is provided with the hardware package for code free performance. This component can be removed by simply asking your tuner for an RFD (run flap delete) addition. Custom tuning is available for those who cannot receive local software support for this manifold from their local tuner.


For TSI EA888 engines, refer to the next FAQ.


There is no RFD available for TSI EA888 engines, what do I do?

HPA can provide proprietary software for your vehicle. Please contact info@hpamotorsport.com with your vehicle information and mod list for more information.

Some tuners are able to create a resistor for the run flap motor to eliminate the check engine light


Does the check engine light for the run flap motor affect my performance?

For EA888 engines, there are no performance and drivability differences while the engine light is on for the run flap motor.


Do you charge for your installation hardware?

No! Our manifolds include everything needed for bolt-on installation including a step-by-step installation manual.


How much time does it take to install this manifold?

The estimated installation time 8 hours. Our installation guide for EA113 FSI engines can be found here.


Do I need to modify my stock parts to install your manifold?

No! You do not need to remove, bend, or modify any of your OEM components to install our manifold.


What if I want to utilize direct port water methanol injection?

As one of the unique features of our Version 2 intake manifolds, additional surface material has been added to the bottom of each runner to facilitate direct-port water meth bosses without welding or further modification. Drilling and tapping each runner can be performed by HPA upon request.


How does HPA compare to similar parts on the market?

As the pioneer in the 2.0T intake manifold market, we have a proven track record of quality and performance all over the world.


* Note: this is an aftermarket manifold that may not be certified to meet your local emissions regulations.