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HPA Motorsports is passionate about creating custom cars that perform. Since 1991 HPA Motorsports has set performance trends in the industry, raising the bar with every project.

HPA Performance Programming: Safe, Strong, Superior

AWD Superflow Dyno

HPA Software Tuning

The HPA methodology of performance programming involves utilizing the adaptive environment of the factory VW/Audi programming which is capable of analyzing and reacting to changes in fuel, temperature, air flow, etc, and safeguards against hardware damage that may occur when this information is disregarded.

Rather than creating a tune with fixed variables that overwrites the built in factory safety nets as most tuners do, each HPA tune is custom calibrated per vehicle using the factory Hex and A2L files. We take into consideration any hardware modifications that have already been performed; offering you
the best performance tune possible for your vehicle.

HPA Software Tuning

Partnering with the professionals at Byteshooter, HPA has established a secure communication protocol to read and write to Siemens, Bosch, and other ECU's through the OBD port or on the bench.

With our in-house Superflow AWD dyno, our team is able to expedite software development and perform durability evaluations by capturing in depth data logging while simulating real world driving conditions.

Note: Most HPA flashes are written in a discrete manner to appear invisible to factory scan tools, therefore avoiding any discussions at the dealership regarding warranty. However, it has recently been noted that many 2013 and newer models are now equipped with non manipulative / non writeable ECU's that have an integrated flash counter. In these vehicles we are unable to mask the fact that a car has been flashed.