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More than just a means of transportation. A custom car combines art, ego, and passion to create a mechanical extension of one's personality.

HPA Special Project Vehicles

Besides our tried and true twin turbo packages, HPA also builds award winning media cars for corporate clients and takes on approximately one to two special purpose projects per year. If you are looking for an extraordinary vehicle to set you apart from the crowd, or something purpose built for a specific event, we would be pleased to work with you to put together a custom proposal.

Below are just a few examples of various special projects we have undertaken...

HPA's flagship 700HP FT740 Twin Turbo Golf 'R'

2010 Scirocco 3.2L VR6 FT656 Twin Turbo

MK4 R32 'Decathlon Raven' FT BlackJack single turbo system

Stage 2 MK4 R32 SEMA winner featured in 'Gran Turismo'

Euro Spec Audi TT FT565 featured in 'Gran Turismo'

Custom MK5 R32 FT575 with 575HP

RGT Jetta and RGT Passat built for Volkwagen

FT400 VW Eos delivered to the airport as a surprise Anniversary gift

Pre Production Ford Thunderbird build for Ford Motor Company

Twin Turbo VW Beetle RSI built in the UK

FT400 VW Touareg built for the One Lap of America

2007 Ford F150 Hot Rod

Mini Cooper

Lightweight Twin Turbo Beetle RSI Replica built for the One Lap of America

the beastly "ZilamoTTo" Twin Turbo TT on display at Dunlop's SEMA booth

Dodge SRT Neon

Please contact us to discuss your potential project further.

Visit our Finished Cars gallery for more project images.