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VR6 Performance

HPA transforms your 3.2 VR6 into a World Class performance car.

VR6 Performance

HPA: 2 Decades of VR6 Performance Tuning

When VW introduced its ground breaking 2.8L VR6 power plant in 1991 it was an industry first. A narrow-V configuration that uses a single head for both banks of cylinders had never been done before. Setting the benchmark for factory performance, the VR6 was the favoured engine for VW’s top models. For the aftermarket tuning industry, the VR6 was ripe with opportunities to re-invent VW performance.

However, because the VR6 is a completely different beast to the traditional straight 4 or V-6, its unique design presented a whole magnitude of engineering challenges. When looking for more power, all the rules and lessons learned from 4-cylinder and V-design engines were thrown out the window. Nothing that was used in the past applied the same way.

Since the launch of Volkswagen’s VR6 power-plant, HPA has been there learning every nuance of this unique platform. Specializing in naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbo charged performance applications for VR6 engines, we are the only company in the industry today providing unique performance packages. Designed, tested and proven in-house, our cars are some of the fastest VWs on the planet, while still maintaining reliability and longevity. Our committed craftsmen hand-fabricate many of the integral components used in our systems, allowing for extremely strict quality control. Our in-house 4-wheel-drive dyno gives us the capacity to fine tune every system we sell, and dial in every car we build. Nothing leaves our doors until we’re 100% satisfied, that what we are producing is the best in the business. We are your single source for VR6 aftermarket design.

Our industry reputation and the confidence held by others in our work have been proven time and time again. In 2005 we were approached by Volkswagen AG in Germany, to tune and customize several cars for their inaugural SEMA show display. To be hand-picked by the company responsible for the cars we modify, and to be entrusted with the responsibly of representing them at the world’s biggest aftermarket convention, was a real honor. The result was the R-GT Jetta, Passat and Touareg, of which the +600hp Jetta was the SEMA show-winner in 2005. This car remains in the Volkswagen AG museum collection to this day, something in which we take great pride.

If you would like to learn more about the cars we have built, and the programs we offer for your car, please phone or e-mail our offices. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

VR6 Performance